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Nepheline syenite is a holocrystalline plutonic rock that consists largely Other localities for this group are at Julianehaab in Greenland with sodalite-syenite;

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The feldspar in nepheline syenite may be cryptoperthite or, rarely, a mixture of albite and microcline. Nepheline is sometimes wholly or partly replaced by sodalite

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Nepheline, also called (especially natrolite), sodalite, kaolin, It forms an essential constituent of certain alkaline plutonic rocks of the nepheline syenite

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Nepeheline is a primary constituent of nepheline syenite rocks and nepheline syenite Nepheline with a brilliant blue coating of Nosean-impregnated Sodalite

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NEPHELINE SYENITE FROM BEEMERVILLE, Although the bulk of the intrusion is nepheline syenite, Some specimens have the sodalite concentrated in planes,

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Nepheline is mostly found in the rock Nepheline Syenite in nature. the most common feldspathoid is Nepheline. antiperthite feldspar (grey) and sodalite (blue).

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A rock-forming mineral, and classed as a feldspathoid. Common in nepheline syenite, an igneous rock often found in alkaline complexes. Likely polymorphous with


Bearpaw Ridge sodalite syenite (93V4) 14 Geochronology 14 Sodalite syenite CARBONATITES AND SYENITE GNEISS COMPLEXES BELT

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Know all about Nepheline Syenite, What is Nepheline Syenite, its composition, features, facts and reserves

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It is a major component of several igneous rocks called nepheline syenite, nepheline monzonite cancrinite, sodalite and other feldspathoids. Notable

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Nepheline definition, a feldspathoid mineral, essentially sodium aluminum silicate, NaAlSiO 4 , occurring in alkali-rich volcanic rocks. See more.

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Return to Alkaline Rocks Feldspathoid syenites are one of the most common and most variegated (both mineralogically and texturally) groups of alkaline rocks.

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Trip Date: Summer 2009 Nepheline Syenite Along the York River, Dungannon Township, Ontario, Canada Over the past several years, my son, Adam, and I have traveled to

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Références . DE FERRAN, A., 1983, The Canaan Nepheline Syenite Venture, Proceedings, 5 th Industrial Minerals International Congress, B.

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Nepheline: Nepheline, the most common feldspathoid mineral, an aluminosilicate of sodium and potassium [(Na,K)AlSiO4]. It is sometimes used as a substitute for

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Nepheline Syenite is an anhydrous sodium potassium alumino silicate. Although feldspar-like in its chemistry, mineralogically it is an igneous rock combination of

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Nepheline. Comments: Stubby, hexagonal prism of Nepheline in matrix. Location: Point of Rocks Mesa, Colfax County, New Mexico. Scale: Not Given.

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