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February 10, 2014

We are not sheep or monkeys, we dont need leaders! We want to be involved, to contribute, to decide, to legislate and to rule!, / nomocracy

My dear friend, please activate youself!

Begin discussing laws! Shamelessly and frivolously we lie rough and call today the representation democracy. The aim of direct democracy is the nomocracy (The supremacy rule of the law). Democracy is not party control from the top and demagogy. Democracy is (e)dialogue from all to all and two at a time and, above all, referendum on global equality laws!

The society must be governed by laws and not by power greedy LEADERS! We criticize capitalism but we are not talking about voting and about laws for a jointly owned public sector, for maximization of private ownership, maximization of income and maximization of consumption! Please consider and stop talking about leaders, start discussing about the equality laws!

The term (direct)-democratic laws, is identical to the concept of equality laws!

We live in an unreasonable and mentally sick world! We’re talking about the United Nations, but we are not associated with global laws. We talk about the European Union, but we have no common laws. We “all” practice the English language but we do not have a voting to make English also officially the first common language to improve the citizens’ level of education and to save time and money for the community! A common first world language is imperative and indispensable today!

We inexcusable delay to recognize that information technology has made local and global referenda possible, relatively simple, quick and affordable!

We should be ashamed of lying, betraying and to act as traitors to our children, not to think rationally and not to follow our conscience vote! We waste frivolously our most valuable election votes to power greedy politicians instead of refusing to follow the leaders and to demand the issue of global equality laws. We are blue sky and sea free world citizens, we are either blood-red Chinese or sheep to be led!

Please vote for you and for all of us ordinary citizens and the direct democracy! Stay home or vote blank! Be honest, think and comment on this motion! Thank you!

UNO United Nomocrats Organisation… Forget nations, nationalism, old religion myths and traditions! see Millennium Development Goals

UNO United Nomocrats Organisation… Forget nations, nationalism, old religion myths and traditions! see Millennium Development Goals

Fred Blomson 1937, practical philosopher, fred.blomson @

UNO, United Nomocrats Organization! Forget nations!

DDDNE, Digital Direct Democratic Nomocratic Equality,, please like

A collective social equal society, or a private market pyramidal society?

That is THE question! Please comment!

Are we going to allow the Chinese dictatorship to own the whole planet?

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