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March 4, 2014



Thank you Jim Powell!

I haven’t studied the Swiss democracy yet. We do not have direct democracy in Sweden! We have the same problem! The Swedish politicians are common citizens like you and me, many of them are lawyers or have studied economy in any university but they are not selected by their merits! Today they are not interested to loose their positions their incomes and their power, that is why they will “never…!” introduce DD by free will…!!!

It is you and me and all the citizens that must stop authorizing the politicians by demanding referendum to change the system into DD.

We must demand the existing parliament first to employee a group high educated clerks by their documented merits (Professors, experts, specialists, webmasters, scientists and similar, for instance like the secretary general of UNO is elected!) to admin the society and to propose fundamental laws about equality to be taken by referendum and then to abolish the parliament!

I hope you understand the difference! Your governors employ themselves inside the parties and create the laws themselves! My governors are clerks employed by merits and they serve and apply the equality laws who you and me have created, it means that it is we citizens who governs!

Today we discuss persons and right and left instead of laws. It is time now to put the equality laws and referendum on the table daily! We must agree and unite the society around the laws. The parties split the citizens therefore are not needed!

I am thankful for a comment! Regards, Fred

Fred Blomson 1937, practical philosopher, read more: . Please join:


A collective social equal society, or a private market pyramidal society? That is THE question! Are we going to allow the Chinese dictatorship to own the whole planet? Please comment!


We citizens are not sheep! We don't need any leader!

We citizens are not sheep! We don’t need any leader!


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