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December 4, 2014


Socrates drinking the poison konion!

Socrates drinking the poison konion!


(Practical philosophical thoughts in light English)

Information Technology abolished the representative democracy! According the common sense the future of the world-society is a welfare digital democratic nomocratic cooperative governing system! “The rule of law” also known as nomocracy please see wiki!

It is absurd for the red-rose-green politicians to be an eternal opposition or to collaborate with the capitalist system! The red-rose-green top-politicians of the world are not intelligent enough to understand that the parties belong to history and that they must search other employments!

The intelligent powerful human journalists have a great responsibility and liability to investigate and to distribute the right reasoning based on common sense that must govern the world-society instead of the market economy!



COMMON: To the powerful investigating human journalists and the young well-educated world-citizens and academicians who are going on the top of the ongoing peaceful digital democratic evolution!

Dear world-citizens! The election is already lost before it started! The red-rose-green parties in the world collapses, they are not democratic today and that is why they become AN ETERNAL OPPOSITION that only benefits dictatorial capitalism! Now is the time for digital democracy and for the radical evolution! Digital Democracy is the only possibility that can fall the in the world governing market economy and can realize the Human Rights by REAL GLOBAL LAWS and a digital democratic nomocratic cooperative governing system! 

I want to suggest questions to vote and to participate in digital voting on these issues. It is foolish to deny democracy! Please ask, why red-rose-green politicians deny digital democracy? Let us unite in a global equality movement to create constitutional laws to govern instead of leaders. The political parties and the capitalism are dying! At last, please wake up! Silence is poison! I do not want to have poison as another Sokrates! I want to experience evolution! Thanks in advance!

Digital Direct Democratic Nomocracy = EQUALITY Please! Recognize it!

What we prefer? A collective social equal society, or a private market pyramidal society? That is THE question for a referendum! We world-citizens are not sheep we don’t need leaders! Please start UNO United Nomocrats Organisation! Abolish nations!


On a law about a welfare European digital democratic nomocratic governing system on all the levels of the society, inclusive the children gardens and all the kinds of unions! “The rule of law”!

On a law for abolition of dangerous energy for the environment!

On a law for association to Euro as common currency!

On a law of a common official first language and abolition of the nationalism!

On a constitution of the united European states and abolition of the nationalist nation!


On a global digital democratic nomocratic governing system! ”The rule of law”!

On a global law to abolish dangerous energy for the environment!

On a global law to maximize private property, income and consumption!

On a global law to transfer the big private properties to public cooperative property!


Fred Blomson 1937, practical philosopher, world-citizen, ‪alpha male…!, f DIGITAL DEMOCRACY, group, Website: , (is a price worth voting system made in Sweden)

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