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December 11, 2014


Money rules the world! The red-rose-green parties of the world collapse and are an eternal opposition. Dear fellow red-rose-green politicians, it is no longer meaningful! Information technology now gets us to realize this! Be reasonable!

We red-rose-green must now abolish representative democracy because it is no longer democratic. It is elected dictatorship! The future of the global society is universal, direct democratic, digital and cooperative! It is not reasonable to tolerate the ancient patriarchal private market-economy system and to cooperate with it. It is egocentric the red-rose-green leaders to desire domination and to insist to remain an eternal opposition that only favors the ruling private capitalist system!

Now we need a party-referendum to transfer the party into a universal digital direct democratic organization and to impose universal humanistic law and a collaborative system without too rich and without too poor citizens! A direct democratic constitutional law will impose maximal ownership, maximal income and maximal consumption! With a universal constitutional law, the entire ownership will be public and will be managed by the law not by leaders! We are not sheep we don’t need leaders! “The rule of law”, also known as nomocracy! See English Wikipedia! Πολιτης = citizen, πολιτισμος = civilization. We all are politicians!

With a universal referendum we can make English also formal the first joint universal language and to abolish the damn nationalism and wars! By simple logic, if we want, we can anticipate the content of these inevitable proposals!, born 1937, practical philosopher, world-citizen, alpha male…! Facebook group name search: UNO, UNITED NOMOCRATS ORGANIZATION, Facebook group name search: WE (We introduce digital democracy, Euro and English to eliminate nationalism and wars)! Website:, (is a price worth voting system + Made in Sweden), ICIJ are international corporate investigating journalists,

Peaceful evolution! Is a digital direct democratic social corporative collaborative system possible?

Peaceful evolution! Is a digital direct democratic social corporative collaborative system possible?

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