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January 28, 2015



(Constructive criticism of an irrational society).

Dear red-rose-green comrades politicians journalists and scientists! Give the prophecy, the common sense and the popular philosophy a chance! Do not become ridiculous! Realize that the top-ruled party system in combination with the private market economy system does not have a future! Being an eternal opposition, or to rule together with capitalist parties favors only the private establishment! Now it’s time for a radical alternative DDD*- economic system “The Rule of Law” also called Nomocracy see eng-Wiki: ο νομος = the law. Our own (the citizens) UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS ABOUT EQUALITY will own and will rule everything collectively! Wealthy owners and political leaders are not needed (we are not sheep!). Please welcome information technology in democracy! Abolish nationalism now! Stop the ethnic and the religious hypocrisy! Now it’s time for a humane world civilization! Globalization is a reality! Put down the party, find another profession and start a human global organization! Vote Universal “HUMAN LAWS” instead of the empty words “Human Rights”! With a referendum vote urgently English also officially the universal common language. It is ridiculous everyone to learn English and to not formalize it by a referendum to raze the poor cosmopolitan’s schooling! At least one billion of our sisters and brothers in the world today are starving! It is inhumane and irreligious! Sincerely Fred 1937, cosmopolitan, world-citizen (*About Digital Direct Democracy),, Group: We Nomocrats!


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