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February 7, 2015

engelska_0MOTION TO ANY PARTY CONGRESS!(Constructive-critical thoughts: Eternal opposition or Digital Democracy?)

  1. Be social! Join EURO! Give the prophecy, the common sense, the popular philosophy, the ideology, the rationalism, the wisdom and the information technology a chance!
  2. Do not be ridiculous! Please note that at least one billion of our brothers and sisters in the world today are starving! It is inhuman and not religiously! A very large majority are poor people …! Without digital democracy, their voices do not count today, therefore the money controls forever the world-society and the red-pink-green parties will be AN ETERNAL OPPOSITION !!!
  3. Realize at last, THE PERSON CULTIC TOP-MANAGED PARTY SYSTEM, together with the private market economy system has not peaceful future for it is not democracy!
  4. Being an eternal opposition, or to co-govern with conservative parties, only benefits the private establishment, and does not create economic equality!
  5. Be honest and do not hide the truth. Discuss and share the truths in this motion! We are dictators, united powerful cosmopolitan citizens! We do not want either elected or wealthy private owning dictators!
  6. Now it is time for a radical alternative digitally democratic civilized horizontally economic system “The rule of Law” also called Nomocracy see the English Wikipedia o νομος = Law.
  7. Our own (the cosmopolitans) WITH REFERENDUM LEGALIZED UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMIC EGALITARIAN LAWS will own and control everything! Wealthy owners and political leaders are not needed, we are not sheep to be led, all the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights!
  8. Please welcome as soon as possible and intensive the information technology in democracy, all members will participate transparently in the decision making process. All members with equal rights must be able to communicate with everyone in a horizontal structure! Representatives are not needed! Today, our representative is the digital net!
  9. Be honest! When you say “we”, so we should all have been involved in the decision-making! As a member now the politicians dictate me, they talk about their ideas and their interests and makes me to think of Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Communism / Socialism = Direct Democracy, Direct Democracy = Communism / Socialism. The capitalists know it and that is why they spend huge sums on defense to try to stop direct democracy on the day people wake up! I never give my valuable vote to anyone, it is intended for referendums on constitutional laws and for important decisions! Very many do the same in spite of we are SOCIAL DIRECT DEMOCRATS COSMOPOLITANS!
  10. Put down the party, find a different profession and start a human universal organization with the aim of introducing digital democracy!
  11. Cancel nationalism now and start a universal civilization with digital democracy as a basis! Stop finally the national, the royal/presidential and the religious hypocrisy!
  12. Make English also officially the first universal language. It is ridiculous that everyone learn English now instead of legitimizing it with a referendum so that the poor people must quickly be trained to worthy democratic cosmopolitans and to UNITE THE WORLD COMMUNITY THE FASTEST TO THE UNITED UNIVERSAL CIVILIZATION! The world-society needs urgently and inevitable a common language common laws and a common civilization! Good luck!

Fred 1937 Cosmopolitan, world-citizen,,, Group: We Cosmopolitans!

Peaceful evolution! Is a universal civilization with a digital direct democratic economical system possible?

Peaceful evolution! Is a universal civilization with a digital direct democratic economical system possible?


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